The 5 Best Colours for Your Decking

With the introduction of composite decking to the UK market, people are constantly asking 'What Colour Should I Choose?' when it comes to their newest project. After doing extensive research based on social media polls, sales analysis, and general market research we have your answers, right here at CompoGIC.


Most popular colour so far, all 50 Shades of Grey seem to be a hit not only on the book market but on the composite decking one, as well! Our customers claim it is the best fit for their outdoor spaces: light grey floors open up the place and give it a more spacious and cleaner look. Dark grey shades, on the other hand, go perfectly well with contemporary style furnishing, modern designs, or a rustic exterior. Easy to mix and match with your existing colour palette, greys are almost always a safe choice when getting a new composite deck. It works miracles when hiding dirt and footprints and it goes equally well with both cool and warm colours.


Best used in smaller spaces, the warmth and cosiness that brown hues bring always wow our clients. Great for a home-y decorated space in a rustic or a traditional style. Drawing sunlight to your darker brown decking is sometimes a concern but worry not - our decking does not waver! It benefits from UV protection and anti-fading treatment, which is sure to leave your project intact for several decades to come! Browns are the natural choice for composite decking if your goal is to have it look like natural timber: the woodgrain/3D Embossed designs will be the perfect choice for you as they closely imitate wood for this exact purpose!


A lighter modern deck is what you're after? Look no further - white hues of composite decking are at your disposal! White is the new black when it comes to sales and demand in the past year: more and more households are turning into the once 'cold' colour to allow them to match their contemporary or modern designs on a 'blank canvas'! Perfectly combined with taupe and greens, ash toned flooring allows the darker hues of furnishing to stand out and centre the room. Giving the illusion of more space and greater possibilities, white wood plastic composite decking is a fantastic idea if you want to accent your backyard and go all out!


Reds are just majestic! Taking you on a trip around the world, lighter redwood will bring your backyard to Italy, whereas orange hues will remind you of Spanish decks and sunny days! An active colour, it would be ideal for you in case you'd like to have people around, entertain or throw a party out on the balcony! A memorable colour as well, it will leave distinctive outdoor memories in the conscience of your little ones! Think about it: family BBQs, sunny days out on the patio, sun loungers over the redwood deck... The possibilities are endless!


Working ideally with rustic and country designs for your patio, garden or balcony space, Teak is the last of our top 5! Natural finish, and great for both neutral and colourful furniture: the colour scheme is entirely at your disposal, as the teak-coloured WPC decking gives the perfect neutral base for your outdoor space! We recommend 3D embossed designs if you're looking for a more rustic feel or a narrow groove one if you are after a country finish! Do you want a clean, minimalistic design when it comes to your floors? Teak would be the colour for you!