7 Reasons to Choose Composite Products

7 Reasons to Choose Composite Decking

We've all been there: standing in the middle of an outdoors section of a building materials store, overwhelmed with the choice. Or browsing the web endlessly, waiting for the perfect product to appear magically before our eyes. Difficult as it is, there are some brands and choices that just stand out when looking in the good old decking department - because your outdoor space can always use an upgrade!
The recent trend in decking and wall cladding is to choose composite: synthetically made products that come in a variety of choices and do not harm the environment - as opposed to the deforestation and carbon footprint left by timber. This is why at CompoGIC, we ask you to make informed decisions about the materials and products you buy - and we give you 7 whole reasons to choose composites over natural timber. We work with wood plastic composites exclusively, and we know the ins and outs of what we sell. By the end of it, we promise you'd see it through our eyes - and understand the value and benefits of composite products! We are CompoGIC - we take care of you, and the environment. Now, let us begin:

1. Composite products are cheaper in the long run

We know that pricing is always a big deciding factor when making a purchase - and a lot of us are doing it wrong! More often than not, buying cheap in the short term ends up costing more in the long term. This is precisely the case with composite products as well: they require a steep initial investment (yes, we know it's more than natural timber), but realistically, it saves you time, money, and another renovation in the longer run. Because of their make, all of our composite products are made to last. Therefore, with CompoGIC, you have a 25-year minimum lifespan of all our composite products! That's a minimum of a quarter of a century that you will spend worry-free about your purchase and your outdoor space! Call us silly, but we much prefer to take that over having to upgrade or treat products regularly. It all depends on priorities, of course - but we'd rather you spend your time enjoying your project than having to fix it over and over again!

2. Wood Plastic Composites are eco-friendly

It's the end of 2021 - and as we've gathered in the past few years, climate change is real. So is deforestation, air pollution and carbon footprint. Hence, we've thrown all of our resources behind creating and actively pushing for a better alternative to timber decking and timber building materials. CompoGIC's composite products are made from FSC certified timber from wastage wood mills, combined with HDPE plastic. We make our products from entirely recycled materials, hoping that it would matter for our clients: all similarly minded, environmentally conscious people who care about sustainability and doing their bit in preserving the environment. So, if the lengthy lifespan wasn't enough after your wood plastic composite decking or tiles finally wears off, you'll be able to recycle it fully.

3. It's got a greater variety of design choice

We all love the rustic, slightly old-fashioned feel of timber designs - so much that we often overlook the negatives that come with the pleasant aesthetics. But what if you could have that same look, in multiple colours, designs and was coming with a lot more benefits? Would you think twice then? We thought so. Here at CompoGIC, we are especially picky with our designs and the products that we push forward. Composite products are 'our thing' and we would not recommend anything that we don't fully understand or stand behind. What's more, we could offer you complete customization of your chosen model: colours, patterns, length! Not quite an option when you pick natural timber, huh? So, if you don't quite like what we have in stock and have your own plans and ideas for the look of your outdoor space, you can simply get in touch to get a quote and a timeframe for the manufacturing of your dream project!

4. It requires little to no maintenance

It's always difficult to predict how time-consuming a purchase will be before you have to deal with it. With composites, not so much - we aim to please, after all! We want you to spend your time with your close ones, not worrying about your decking, cladding or the fence! Hence, our products are all treated with a small but very important amount of chemicals, that ensure the strength, durability, and UV protection of your composite products! The process occurs whilst the products are made, and no harmful chemicals are used: we utilise the bare minimum that improves the products and protects their future owners. Our wood plastic composite decking, for example, is all treated for UV-Protection, insect resistance and mould and mildew resistance. This lets you freely enjoy your products after installation, for as long as you have them! No overcoats or underlays necessary, no sprays or paint or treatments! Just your gorgeous composite wall cladding, always reliable and a sight for sore eyes!

5. It's a piece of cake to install

Jumping onto yet another benefit: CompoGIC composite decking, wall cladding, and fencing do not require any special installation. In fact, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can easily handle the installation yourself: the instructions are precise and clear, there are CompoGIC videos that walk you through the process, step by step. Our composite tiles are click-on, so you would hardly need instructions for those at all! Alternatively, you can always call one of our consultants to offer help in understanding the instructions in case you're still struggling. As a final resort, we have a solution for those of you who do not fancy DIY projects at all: our lengthy list of trusted installers all around the UK is ready at your disposal! Just drop us a text or give us a ring, we will make sure to get you a few options to choose from, within your budget!

6. It's made from entirely recycled and recyclable materials

Touching on sustainability again: the make of our CompoGIC composites is exquisite and all with a conscious effort to support green building! We are in the process of partnering with entirely green building companies to supply our product ranges in collaboration with other sustainably sourced and ecologically conscious brands. A future initiative is in the making for our brand as well - we are in the process of enabling the return of your old CompoGIC composite products and the purchase of the new ones with a hefty discount! It is the beauty of recycled and recyclable materials: they seem to save you money for as long as you have them and continue to do so even after you don't need them anymore!

7. Stronger and more durable than timber

We've touched on this already, but we feel like we need to emphasise it: timber is so-last-decade! The always upgrading technology and the never-ending quest for creating better and more durable products have provided us with the unique opportunity to offer wood plastic composite products at competitive prices with all the benefits of timber and none of the drawbacks! Stronger, more durable, crack and rot-resistant; untouchable by mould or mildew, with integrated harmless chemical protection against sun or snow; waterproof so moisture is not an issue either. Overall, the cost not only cover the benefits: it makes it almost impossible to resist! The value of the CompoGIC WPC composite decking, combined with all the benefits, makes it an amazing deal to take advantage of!

We do feel the need to emphasise this: this article is valid and true for the majority of high-quality composite products on the market. We cannot stand behind the quality and durability of any other particular brand; we can only speak for CompoGIC and the value we bring forward. Composite products: decking, fencing, benches and pergolas; inside or outside wall cladding and panels: we firmly believe that it is the future of green building and sustainable building materials. Don't hesitate and hop on the composite products trend train whilst it's still early and the early bird deals are in abundance!