CompoGIC's wall cladding is uniquely suited for the outside facade of your residential or commercial building. Wondering why? It's a new and increasingly popular exterior choice for the finishing touches of your home, shed or office; the colours are gorgeously selected, either woodgrain or smooth, the perfect finish for your building! The boards are thick and sturdy, protecting and insulating your building from the harsh weather.

Our cladding is made to last and requires very little to no maintenance. In return for choosing us, you get an interlocking structure that makes it easy and quick to apply! The wall cladding's appearance is impeccable - it's fade-resistant and UV-protected for everlasting colours and long-term use; it has high fire resistance, it's made of entirely recyclable components and has not been treated with any harmful chemicals, which makes it a suitable choice for indoor use as well.

CompoGIC's wall cladding has a special integrated outer layer for mildew resistance, protection against moisture and termites. It's eco-friendly, cost-efficient and so easy to apply and maintain; it has all the perks of natural wood, and so many added benefits!